Your blank gaze tears at my heart

Not a glint of recognition 

In those eyes.

The one who was once your world

Has torn your world apart.

Suddenly I catch a glimmer,

A hint of pain appears,

Passes swiftly from those brown orbs

To the eyebrows.

In that moment, I know

Indifference is just pretence. 

                             -- Sagorika Mazumdar



The Ascent

The Ascent

The dense vapours of incense
Waft lazily through the window.
The innocent soul merges, to
Become one with the sun.
The whiteness of dawn pales
When the vapours drift aimlessly
Towards the horizon.
The shackles have finally broken,
Now I am free.



Sometimes, death is freedom from a life not worth living. It’s not always a bad things.



The scars still burn, red, raw
Just the hint of pain starting to fade away.
The hope of finding fresh air fills her lungs again.
And then the night descends,
Stifling out any rays that managed to penetrate
That gloomy cloud that covers the exit.
“There are no amends”.
The voice fills her head with all the buried memories,
And the red scalps talk to her,
This is the only way.
And she turns to the knife, her friend, again.

Everybody has their addictions and self harm is one of them. Something that most people chose to ignore because of the stigma surrounding mental health. Open your mind people.


I wish the stars could speak.

Give me some advice.

On how they always sparkle,

In the dark and dreary night.
I wish the moon would talk.
To tell me, what is love?
For I am a red eyed puppet

Here to blindly serve.
I wasn’t given a heart,

Or a soul to match.

I wasn’t made to feel,

Or designed to attach.
I am compelled to do

Things that I truly hate.

It has been this way forever,

I wish I could escape. 
And with their secrets maybe,

Somebody could set me free. 

It’s been a while since I’ve posted something. So this poem is just something my alter ego came up with. In the end, we are all just human. We are slaves to something or the other. All of us. 

Harry Potter and its surprises…

The Harry Potter book series was and will always be a very important part of my life. These books made my imaginationharry potter

grow beyond the average constraints. Harry Potter made me believe in magic. And now, fresh into adulthood, these books take on a whole new meaning! So to all those grown up Potterheads out there, read the entire series again and trust me, you will see each of the characters in a whole new light! Even Dudley Dursley  isn’t as bad as we think him to be. So here I’ve just made a small list of what some of the characters stand for, according to me.

  1. Harry Potter: The boy who lived. He teaches us that even in the most dreadful and dire situations, there is always hope. Right from his days under the stairs (and then Hogwarts happened) till the end when he died and the Resurrection Stone brought him back, there is always hope. Even when you least expect it. Because Hogwarts will always help those who ask for it! (The Chamber of Secrets).
  2. Ron Weasley: He shows us that all you need to do is believe in yourself. It doesn’t matter who is better than you. All that matters in the end is that you believe in yourself. I mean, growing up in a family of even sure does put  the kid under a lot of pressure!
  3. Hermione Granger: She is perhaps one of the most dominant female characters ever to be portrayed in literature. She is an inspiration to all the women out there as to the portrayal of a strong woman who stands on her grounds. She shows us the importance of education. Without her, Ron and Harry would have had an even harder time defeating the bad guys!
  4. Albus Dumbledor: He teaches you a very important lesson. People are not what they appear to be. All good people are not always good..
  5. Severus Snape: “After all these years?” “Always.” This will probably be the most quoted line in the Harry Potter series. Snape’s character tell us never to judge people. All bad people aren’t bad either.
  6. Remus Lupin: A werewolf, Lupin stands for courage. Sometimes, people judge you for being different. But that should never let you quit. The only thing you should fear is fear itself.
  7. Fred and George Weasley: They are probably the most loved characters in the entire series and I cried so much when Fred died. But these two show us the importance of happiness. They took on the world with a  smile. Nothing is impossible if you have the determination to do it!
  8. Hagrid: Do not be ashamed of who you are. to quote him, “I am what I am and I’m not ashamed. Never be ashamed. There are some who will hold it against you, but they’re not worth bothering with.” He is the true icon of bravery and kindness.
  9. Neville Longbottom: According to me, he was also the chosen one. Just that he was chosen to do protect the wizard society. While Harry fought the war against Voldermort, Neville Fought against all the darkness that he stood for. Keeping Dumbledor’s Army alive in the seventh book shows how brave he really was. He stands for doing the right thing. Because it’s hard to stand up against your enemies, but it is even harder to stand up against your friends.
  10. Luna Lovegood: This unique girl show us that we are all a little crazy. And that is good. Normal is boring. Being normal is like being a Dursley.

So, these are my top ten favourites. I hope you all read the series again. It will make you believe in Magic all over again. Those who do not believe in magic, will never find it! And remember one more thing,

“Don’t let the Muggles get you down!”





Sometimes, mostly in teenagers, we have this feeling that we simply don’t belong… To our homes, our family, everything just seems alien and strange… This poem talks about that feeling when you are so lost that even your own home doesn’t feel like home anymore….